A foretaste and a glimpse of heaven on earth! This is how JILHK Pastors & Leaders aptly describe what we had experienced during the Life Group Leaders Conference held on May 1, 2017 at the JIL International Center, with the theme “REVIVAL: Passionate Love for God!”

Undeniably, the event was phenomenal—an experience too awesome to describe. Unstoppable heavenly worship, at the core, characterized it. Everyone was crying out to the Holy Spirit for more when all of a sudden, the Lord moved in such a response to the hunger and thirst of His worshipers. He came in a very powerful & indescribable way. We were all crying, singing, praying, kneeling, prostrating before the awesome and glorious presence of the Holy Spirit. All the pastors, who were in the entire first row, were all on their knees. This experience lasted for almost thirty minutes. It was indeed a special visitation of the sweet, awesome, marvelous person of the Holy Spirit. Without a doubt we were all filled with the anointing & power of the Holy Spirit, overflowing to the brim!

The testimony portion lasted for two hours, which in itself was truly remarkable. Brethren just kept coming and running to the stage in droves. They were all in awe and overjoyed by what they experienced. One by one they testified of their personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. There were testimonies of healings, life transformation,   and many saw visions—all but corroborating material evidences that confirmed in no uncertain terms what we had experienced. They saw the fire coming down, clouds of glory, walls of the worship hall becoming pure gold, flashes of lightning, angels, rivers flowing, sound of rushing mighty wind; others thought that rapture was already taking place; some saw a man shining in white robe, and almost everyone heard a loud yet majestic-glorious sound like many instruments in perfect harmony.

Another miraculous thing that happened was, for the first time many received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with initial evidence of speaking in tongues.

The Lord promised in Haggai 2:9, “The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former.” I have the impression that what we have recently experienced is part of the greater glory of the latter house—the “Latter-Day Pentecost” that the Lord is pouring out to the JILCW people as what our Bishop Bro. Eddie received from the Lord and had declared during the 38th Anniversary of JILCW: “What God has done for the last 38 years of this glorious ministry that was born in the heart of God will be dwarfed by what He is going to do in us in the years to come…”

I believe that the Lord in these last days is pouring out His “Latter-Day Pentecost”—His End-time Outpouring that is, by all measures, far-far greater than the former!


By Ptr. Edgar V. Robles / 02 May 2017