Jesus Is Lord Church

About Us

A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all the peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living-out the full-Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Church Born in the heart of God


To bring all peoples to the kingdom of the living God regardless of race, status, belief and religious affiliations through the saving, healing, delivering, and transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Is Lord Church (Worldwide) exists to bring all peoples, regardless of race, status, belief and religious affiliations, to the Kingdom of the Living GOD in obedience to the Great Commission of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, thus experiencing all the blessings of the Kingdom.

Definition of terms:
  1. Jesus Is Lord Church (Worldwide) – shall hereinafter referred to as “JILCW” or “the Church”, the constituted Corporation Sole
  2. Kingdom of GOD – the complete dominion of GOD, through the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST, over the totality of our lives and over all His creation
  3. Saving – salvation in all aspects of life primarily eternal life
  4. Healing – healing in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, financial
  5. Delivering – total freedom from sins, curses and bondages
  6. Transforming – changed life from the old self to CHRIST-likeness impacting the society

Core Values

Passionate Love for God

An intimate and wholehearted devotion, reserved to GOD alone, that is steadfast and unparalleled, evidenced by absolute submission and obedience to GOD’s will and commands (Deuteronomy 6:5)

Love and Compassion for Others

A compelling urge that eventually becomes a natural inclination to selflessly care for others as He cares for others, becoming GOD’s channel of unconditional mercy and grace (Mark 12:31)


An uprightness of character that is beyond reproach, in private and public life, through the uncompromised principle of upholding truth, transparency and consistency in word and in action (Psalm 78:72)


An authentic loyalty to GOD with a sense of responsibility as stewards to the various roles, relationships and resources entrusted by GOD (Matthew 25:21)


A quality of character that rejects mediocrity and commits to GOD’s highest workmanship (Daniel 6:3-4)


A glorious church evangelizing and discipling Filipinos and all the peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living-out the full-Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The JILCW is a channel of GOD’s divine transforming power through the HOLY SPIRIT, manifested in the daily CHRIST-like lifestyle of its members.

Definition of terms:

1. Glorious church – blameless, without spot, without blemish; a bride of CHRIST ready to be raptured

2. Evangelizing – preaching the Gospel with the goal of winning souls

3. Discipling – equipping the believers to become like CHRIST

4.Living out – manifesting CHRIST-likeness in all areas of life: personal, family, school, work, business, community, nation, etc.

Scope of the Vision

The JILCW is passionately committed and wholly devoted to the Vision entrusted by the Sovereign GOD. It endeavors to reach the fulfillment of the Glorious Plan of GOD by bringing the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to all parts of the world. Thus, the all-encompassing scope of the vision of the Church covers its Micro and Macro Vision.

1. Micro Vision – all geographical territories within the Philippines

2. Macro Vision – all geographical territories outside the Philippines

The quality of your life in eternity depends on the quality of your faithfulness and obedience in serving God here on Earth.

“The greatest and noblest achievement of any human is to know his Creator, truthfully and personally, to love Him passionately and wholeheartedly, and to serve Him faithfully with integrity and excellence until he stands before Him on the Judgment Day.”

Declaration of the JIL Church Worldwide Distinctives

1. Worshipping Church

We are a Church that consistently takes part in experiences of GOD’s love and forgiveness and is unashamed to present our love to GOD.

As a Church, we seek to lead others to truly see, hear and experience GOD’s presence and to show how they, too, can be confident in discovering, responding and expressing their love to GOD.


2. Healing Church

We are a Church that testifies to the holistic healing that GOD gives to the hurt, the sick and the lost.

As a Church, we recognize the power and willingness of the Great Physician to heal the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wounds of every man, woman and child and thus undertake to be used as both testimonies and instruments of GOD’s healing ministry.

3. Soul-Winning Church

We are a Church whose heart feels the heartbeat of GOD for the salvation of perishing souls.

As a Church, we exemplify a lifestyle of evangelism so that souls are won for the eternal Kingdom of GOD.


4. Praying Church

We are a Church whose backbone and life blood is Prayer.
As a Church, together with the Body of CHRIST, we fight the good fight of faith in prayer and fasting, intercession and spiritual warfare with corresponding action.

5. Visionary Church

We are a Church with glorious prophetic destiny.
As a Church, we endeavor to reach the realization of GOD’s glorious Vision through wholehearted obedience, devotion and commitment, Spirit-led and strategic planning under His Divine Enablement.

As a Church, we believe we cannot do anything apart from GOD, but we can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens us.

6. Spirit-Filled Church

We are a Church whose way of life is to seek out the Spirit’s baptism as well as His anointing in everything – praying, sharing, preaching, teaching, listening, performing, writing and so forth.

As a Church, we humbly submit to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in doing the works of GOD in the church and society.

7. Nation-Loving Church

We are a Church whose way of life is to seek out the Spirit’s baptism as well as His

We are a Church called to zealously love our country, believing that every nation must be under the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST.

As a Church, we accept our divine mandate to love our country by influencing and transforming every pillar of society – church and family, government, business and economics, education, science and technology, media and entertainment, arts, and environment – through programs, projects and other ways and means that trumpet truth, justice and righteousness.

8. Faith-filled Church

We are a Church that puts our absolute trust in the revelation and power of the Living GOD.

As a Church, we live with absolute confidence on GOD’s sovereignty and guidance, acknowledging His power, knowledge and presence in every part of our life.

9. Prophetic Church

We are a Church who firmly believes that our GOD also reveals His Word, will and instructions through His genuine Prophet to the nation and the Body of CHRIST.

As a Church, we recognize GOD’s commands and revelations and pursue the fulfillment of His glorious plan for the Church and nation.

10. Apostolic Church

We are a Church that submits to spirit of apostolic leadership established and ordained by the Living GOD through JESUS CHRIST.

As a Church, we operate and experience the blessings of the five-fold ministry gifts that empower our dynamic apostolic church gloriously reflecting the character and power of the Living GOD and effectively reaching all parts of the world through evangelism and church planting.


11. Giving Church

We are a Church that faithfully lives according to the Biblical principle teaching us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

As a Church, we seize every opportunity to selflessly and cheerfully give to His Ministry and to the people in need.

12. Serving Church

We are a Church that follows the example set by our LORD JESUS CHRIST in genuine humility and Godly servanthood.

As a Church, we devise and spearhead programs and projects that enable us to passionately serve God, His Ministry, our country and the rest of the world.


Declaration of Principles & Values


1. JIL Doctrinal and Ministerial Distinctive

The JILCW adheres to the biblical tenets of the faith, evangelical, Full-Gospel (Pentecostal-Charismatic) distinctives in doctrine, ministry and experience. We affirm the Laussane Covenant of 1974, the Manila Manifesto of 1989 and the historic creeds of Christianity, especially the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

2. The Church as Agent of Evangelism and Transformation.

We hold that the Church is central in GOD’S redemptive plan for humanity and it is GOD’S agent for evangelism and transformation. The JILCW recognizes the urgency of this task and is committed to take the whole Gospel to the whole world until the Great Commission is fulfilled.

4. Priority of Worship

The JILCW recognizes worship as the priority ministry of all believers, and that through the life-nourishing power of worship flows out evangelism and other ministries. Therefore, the JILCW shall equip its members to live a lifestyle of worship.

6. Primacy of Prayer-Intercession

The JILCW shall equip and release its members to be prayer warriors and intercessors because we believe that through prayer and intercession we tap into GOD’S inexhaustible resources and destroy the works of Satan thereby establishing GOD’s rulership over all spheres of life and over all the nations of the world.

8. Ministry Excellence

The JILCW believes that excellence and integrity in the conduct of ministry must be upheld at all times. Therefore, all JILCW pastors and ministry leaders/workers must adhere to the Biblical Principles and existing Code of Laws and other policies and procedures, rules and regulations that may, from time to time, be promulgated and implemented by JILCW through the Executive Bishop or his authorized representative.

10. Family

The family, as a covenantal institution ordained by GOD, is the foundation and validation of our ministries. Therefore, the JILCW is committed to equip families to become strong units of society where each member is functioning according to his/her biblical role and responsibility.

12. GOD and Country (Diyos at Bayan)

The Church people are called to be GOD’s representatives who create impact to the Nations. Therefore, the JILCW shall endeavor to exert strong prophetic voice and influence upon all pillars of society and the whole nation through socio-economic and political involvement and transformation, which we believe are crucial parts of our Christian duty and mandate.

14. Stewardship

We believe that the Church must handle its finances and other resources as good stewards with utmost integrity, according to high ethical monetary practices, and always in the manner that honors the LORD. The JILCW recognizes that all tithes, offerings, pledges and donations are from and for GOD and must always be spent wisely and appropriately for the ministry, with the strict observance of regular reportorial submissions and proper accounting.

3. Discipleship and Training

The Church is called upon not only to evangelize the lost but also to disciple and equip believers for effective and fruitful service. The JILCW shall provide various training programs where, by the Spirit, through the Word, and the five-fold ascension gifts in Ephesians 4, the members are prepared to function in their grace and giftings.


5. The Authority of the Bible

The Bible is GOD’s Word and we acknowledge its absolute power and authority upon our lives and the Church. The JILCW shall endeavor to pattern all its conduct, practices and ministries according to Scriptural principles.


7. Leadership Integrity

Every JILCW leader and member shall endeavor to live a life pleasing to the LORD and must always conduct himself/herself with purity, integrity and consecration, manifesting the righteousness of GOD and the fruit of the Spirit, and he/she must faithfully follow the provisions of this Constitution and existing code of laws and others as may be promulgated by JILCW through the Executive Bishop or his authorized representative.



9. JIL Membership

Every JILCW member is a vital part in fulfilling the mission and vision of the JILCW. He/She shall endeavor to develop and utilize his/her GOD-given gifts for His service through the multi-ministries of the Church, faithful attendance to Church activities, prayer, and giving of tithes and offerings and other resources.


11. Marriage

Marriage is designed by GOD to be a lifelong and permanent relationship between a man and woman and that divorce and separation are not solutions to marital problems and discord. The JILCW shall always uphold the sanctity of marriage and oppose any attempt to destroy it by any person, group or sector.


13. Compassion Ministry

We believe that the Church is to share GOD’s compassion for the poor and the needy, distressed, and oppressed. To this end, the JILCW shall establish ministries that shall be concrete expressions of GOD’s love and mercy to the marginalized members of the society.


15. Unity in the Body of CHRIST

We affirm that the Church of JESUS CHRIST is only One but with many local congregations; that JESUS is the CHIEF SHEPHERD with many undershepherds. The JILCW acknowledges that it is only one of the local expressions of the One Universal Church and is committed to work with CHRIST-centered and Bible-based churches and Christian organizations to advance GOD’s Kingdom in the spirit of love, unity and mutual recognition of giftings and callings.