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Ministries Development Network

Worship and Arts Network (WAN)


Jesus’ Army of Musicians (JAM)

As the Israelites marched around the Walls of Jericho, up front were not the seasoned warriors, not even the anointed kings, but those that bore the ark of the covenant and the trumpets. At the sound of the trumpets, in unison with the shout of the people, the walls of Jericho crumbled. Musical instruments-the harps and trumpets of old and the guitars, drums, keyboards, and flutes of our present age-invite the mighty and holy presence of God. Our hands will be holy weapons against the enemy and ushers of blessing to the people of God.

Voices in Adoration (VIA)

Music is not only the universal language but the language of our very souls and spirits. We minister to our God whenever we lift our voices in praise and worship to Him. When we decide to consecrate our talented voices for the Lord, not only do we assert the privilege of ministering to our God, we are also blessed by our Master Himself. Our gifts of song will be lifted up and treasured by not just man but by the Almighty Creator, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

TEAM (Triune, Elyondoulos, Acts, Movenerate)


Triune Movers

Dismissing the myth that serving Jesus is a bore, the Street Dancing Ministry personifies the dynamism and excitement of having to serve Jesus from the simplest to the most complicated body bending calisthenics movements.


Tambourine is an instrument that is accurately being used in the different churches as part of the worship tool. The use of tambourine in dancing is especially effective in Middle Eastern dances as musical instrument in praise dancing to usher the presence of God in a church. It records that as King David and his men carried the Ark of God (dwelling place of God) into Jerusalem, he used the tambourine to go before the Ark to prepare the way upon entering the city.

Artists for Christ in Total Surrender (ACTS)

Without sound but with words. Without speech but with eloquence. The pantomime is all about touching souls using the language of the heart instead of touching minds using the language of our mouths. And touched souls mean saved souls… saved souls mean heavenly rejoicing among the saints, among the angels, in the presence of God.


Every sweep of the hand, skip and slide of the feet and arch of the back is an offering. Every movement is an utterance of the soul and an expression of the spirit. Interpretative dance is all about the sharing of the understanding of our souls and spirits of the truths of God through physical representation. We bless the people of God – as we, too, are blessed –with every sacrifice, every offering of our bodies to our Savior and God.

Multimedia Arts Network (MAN)


Technical (Sounds, Projection, Lights)

A conducive environment for worship is vital for a church; and a technical team plays a role to help maintain one.
They ensure a responsible and respectful lights, sounds, and projection in the Church which will give everyone an opportunity to engage more and get immersed in every facet of the worship service.

Believing that if God can use a simple stone for an altar, then He can definitely use new technologies as tools to direct His worshippers’ attention to Him.

Audio, Video and Photo Documentation and AVP production

History is preserved by recording the events of it. And as the Church that is born from the heart of God, we are rich in history and history-making events.

This is the task that lies in every church photographer and videographer: to capture and document through the lens, as much as possible, all Church events—big or small, inside or outside the Church—that exclusively shows the wondrous works of God.

The ability to tell a story through the use of audio and visual presentations that highlights God is an exquisite gift and talent bestowed to those who passionately capture the very heart of The Creator.


“I have filled him with God’s Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, and ability in every craft” (Exodus 31:3)

The design team creates an environment in the Church that guides people to experience and remember God’s truth.

They aspire to help create a thirst for the Living God and draws people’s attention to Him through creative designs.

Writers for Christ

Our God created the world through His word. (Hebrews 11:3)
The Lord Jesus Christ is “The Word”. (John 1:1)
And the word of God sustains our faith. (Romans 10:17)
Many apostles in the Bible wrote epistles that greatly helped believers to deeply know God, even to this day.
These clearly show how words that directly point to our God can help us to keep our focus on Him.

So, this is the ultimate aim of writers for Christ: to express to others in spoken words the glory of who God is and what He does, and to magnify the Lord through written words.

Program Events Management

Having a unity and coordination within God’s people is ‘good and pleasant’. (Psalm 133:1)

This team ensures a well-organised and well-mannered program flow of every Church event and worship service that fosters the desire for others to “come and see” what being part of a Christ-centered Church is all about.

New Media

As the world rapidly increases digitally, the Church must adopt so as to fulfill the Great Commission in any and every possible way.

The New Media team uses the digital and social media to evangelise, to communicate to others about Christ by creating digital content, to help those who wants to connect to a church, and to build a Godly and healthy digital community for everyone to thrive and ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord’.

Services Auxiliary Network (SAN)



Securing an atmosphere most conducive to the conduct of worship services, the Ushering Ministry extends necessary assistance to any member of the church before, during and after the worship services.

Security of the Saints Ministry (SOSM)

Maintaining peace and order before, during, and after worship services, the Security of the Saints extends necessary security assistance to any member of the church.